Our Staff

Antonio Patrick

Mr. Patrick is an entrepreneur and salesman with over 12 years of professional experience and more than 5 years in Sales with a proven track record of achievements.  

Mr. Patrick has excellent negotiation and interpersonal communication skills and is able to relate well with decision-makers, customers, management, sales staff, vendors, customers and people from diverse backgrounds.  

Contact: Antonio.Patrick@A1beerdistributor.com

Clint Callahan

Clint Callahan is an entrepreneur with 10 years of experience in real estate, life insurance, business consulting, and non-profit consulting and 18 years as a Licensed Social Worker.

He has a love of craft distilling. As a young boy he would spend summers on his grandfather’s farm and his grandfather would make Apple Pie whiskey and Redeye whiskey. At every family event he can remember the adults would gather around and pass a bottle of homemade moonshine stored in the trunk of his grandfather’s car.  

When he was 24 he moved to California, met a girl, and was introduced to the world of California wines. For the last 18 years he and his wife have traveled all over California trying and enjoying the wonderful variety of wines created by the passionate owners of these family owned vineyards.  

Mr. Callahan is an strong advocate for the expanding craft beer, craft spirits, and boutique wine revolution.

Contact: Clint.Callahan@A1beerdistributor.com

Peter Jackson

Mr. Jackson is an entrepreneur with 30 years experience. 

During his time working in his family’s company, he held many positions and gained knowledge of contracts,  training, management, and supervision of a large number of employees. 

Upon leaving his family business he continued with his passion for cars as a part owner and ran the daily operations for an auto restoration center for 10 years.    

For the past 10 years, Mr. Jackson has and is currently providing real estate investors with assistance in the location and rehabilitation of real estate investment properties throughout the city of Los Angeles and the southern California area

Contact: Peter.Jackson@A1beerdistributor.com

Joe H. Houston, Jr.

Mr. Houston is a 21 year trucking and business industry veteran. 

He is well respected by the trucking professionals with whom he has worked. Mr. Houston has had experience within the trucking industry at all levels; from  yard management through owning and operated his own trucking company. 

Mr. Houston has a deep knowledge and understanding of the trucking, shipping, and logistics business. 

Contact: Joe.Houston@A1beerdistributor.com